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Women Share What Attracted Them to 'Find Your Voice' Group
Wanting someone that might understand something of the things I have been through
~ Josey
Its relevant to my life right now
~ Ari
~ Tanya
I just got out of a relationship where I lost myself. I want to feel confident and love myself again.
~ Ashley
Looking for a group of women I can relate to.
~ Monique
~ Ms.Grace
Finding a group I may be able to relate with and find good support for what I need.
~ Mary
Self-help for women, with women, by women
~ Cristina
Being able to interact with women in similar situations
~ L. S.
Need to find my voice with my family members
~ Barbara
Great session today!  The theme today dealt with the desire for 'autonomy'.  The road can be difficult and lonely, but establishing a network of friends you can trust, can provide you with the strength to stay the course!  We also discussed that "just because their family" doesn't mean we have to accept them into our lives.  We are worthy of healthy relationships!
~ Deasia
Just want to learn more about breaking the cycle of toxic relationships.
~ Loreal